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We do pack all verieties of citrus fruits according to our customers specifications

*maturaity dates given may vary according to weather and climate conditions


Mayer:                               August, September, October, November, December

Interdonato:                     September, October, November, December

Euroka:                             December, January

Lamas:                             December, January, February


Satsuma Mio wase:            September, October

Satsuma Okitsu wase:       October, November

Satsuma Dobeshibeni:       October, November

Satsuma Ovary:                  November, December

Satsuma:                             November, December

Nova                                     December, January

Fremont:                              December, January

W-Murcott:                          January

Ortanique:                            March


Star Ruby:                      October, November, December

Rio Red:                          December, January, February, March

Marsh White:                 November, December, January


Navalina:                         October, November, December

Washington Navel:         November, December, January

Spring Navel:                  December, January

Valencia:                          March, April

Powell:                             April

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