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A family tradition, three generations, a journey from cotton production to citrus...

Roots going back to 1940s, our grand-grand parents use to seed mostly cotton on our fields. Cotton known as "white-gold" at those times, was the major crop cultivated. It boosted Turkish economy, introduced textile factories, and created a large occupation areas for the local population.


Years on 1970s, cotton seeding left its place to citrus in Çukurova, where we live. One of the most fertile plains of Euroasia.


Our grandmother used to say "Soil gives so much that even siblings cant give each other that much..."


We are one of the eldest families who started with citrus. Having plants older than 40 years, We do continuously change our trees according to whats new, whats more demanded and whats more durable.


Working on 100 hectares of citrus plant, we do follow the outmost technology for cultivation and post harvest. With on-land 1,000 tons capacity cold stores, and 10 tons per hour citrus packing plant we do, an integrated boutique production, from growing to packing.


This land has done so much to our family. Let our parents study abroad in the 60s, let our family grow, like branches on a tree made our family get bigger and more. It even let us, the third generation study abroad, and let us get good education to continue this family tradition...  

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