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is it all that simple?

We are located in the southern part of Turkey, 25 km away from mediterranean sea which gives the warm weather and sub-tropic climate to let us grow citrus in our region.

An average citrus tree holds 200 kg fruits per tree, thinking that 5 fruits would make 1 kg, thats 1,000 fruits for each tree. A full truck for international transport carries 20,000 kgs which is around 100,000 fruits in boxes. All hand-picked, put in baskets, and carried out from orchard to the packing facility.

All washed, sorted, waxed, and sized are hand-put in boxes with care to be loaded on trucks for a journey that starts from Adana, Turkey to all over the World...

We export to the European Markets, East European and Middle Eastern Countries according to customer specific packaging and transport options.

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